My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...

My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...
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My McInterview

McInterviewPerson: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a new edition of 'Seriously Rambling!', the new show on Radio Seriously. Today with us: No, not Rockstar Izzie, she's too busy saving lives. It's our beloved McWriter! She agreed to answer some questions we've prepared for her and I dare say this is going to be interesting! Welcome, McWriter!

McWriter: Thank you, McInterviewPerson.

McInterviewPerson: First things first, how on earth did you come up with doing an interview?

McWriter: Well, I like questions, because they make me feel like I'm still learning, and I like answers, because they make me feel smart.

McInterviewPerson: Very wise, but so not answering my question.

McWriter: *laughs* Here's the thing, the idea suddenly popped up in my brain and wouldn't go away. It's the same with fanfictions, they don't really come from me, they're just there all of the sudden, waiting for me to write them down.

McInterviewPerson: So hypothetically you don't write your own stories? That doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?

McWriter: Difficult to explain why, but it does make sense. You see, writing is the closest thing to magic I can imagine. There are hardly any other things in this world that simply start existing, seemingly out of thin air, without an effort put in. Every time I sit down, open my laptop and start writing, I get a feeling. I have no clue how, but I always know what to do and how to do it. You write, you read through it again to check for mistakes and it makes sense. You can hear the personalities of your characters shine through the thin surface between you and the sheet of paper or your computer screen, talking to you. If they don't, you can't write. It's as simply and as difficult as that. Either you can hear them or not. They beg you to do things for them, things that they, and not you, long to do, and they won't stop bugging you until you do whatever they want. You're at their mercy as a writer.

McInterviewPerson: Not that I understand, but talking about your stories, how far along are you with 'Why we can't hate Dr McDreamy'? Are we about to receive a first chapter soon?

McWriter: Well, definitely not a first chapter, it's a prologue. And no, you probably won't. Things are going perfectly well, but this story contains all my heart and soul and I know it's not ready to be published yet.

McInterviewPerson: Pity. At least tell us how many pages you have written so far.

McWriter: I'm at 165 right now, 20th November '07, and I usually write about 8 to 10 pages per week. If I have a good week, that is. Bad weeks mean 2 to 5 pages tops. And a while ago I didn't manage to write anything at all for three entire weeks! That was one hell of a disaster.

McInterviewPerson: Disaster?

McWriter: You know, writing provides daily highs and without them I'm pretty much lost. Yes, I am an addict. I'm addicted to writing. Period. I know it's weird, but once you tasted it, you can't just say 'no'. There are worse things you can be addicted to.

McInterviewPerson: Talk about addictions, how can you be a surgical yunkee if you've never been in the OR?

McWriter: No clue, but the unexplainable happiness I felt when I first picked up a scalpel and the grin on my face that wouldn't go away afterwards might give it away... Felt like I was home. Weird, I know. Totally weird. I'm addicted to weird things, it's what I do.

McInterviewPerson: Are there any other things you can't live without?

McWriter: I once had that very nice sentence on everything I could write on: 'Totally addicted to bad boys, good men and very strange food...'

McInterviewPerson: Very strange food? No, I'm so not going to ask you about that. Anything else?

McWriter: Yes, sure. Acting, for example. Saved my life. Singing, definitely. Oh, and rain!

McInterviewPerson: What? Rain? As in 'rain' rain?

McWriter: Yes, rain. I love it. It's very soothing. I also have this huge thing for thunderstorms, though.

McInterviewPerson: So you could move to Seattle? They got tons of rain and thunderstorms aren't that rare either.

McWriter: *laughs* Yeah, I suppose I could. It's not like I won't emigrate from Germany as soon as possible. It's not my country and not my language. No offence intended. Some day I'll move to some place where I can actually speak English.

McInterviewPerson: I take it you really don't love your mother tongue all that much, do you?

McWriter: German's okay, but you're right. I do prefer English. Besides, where I live, we don't speak formal German anyway, it's a very strong accent. That's fun. Still, English's easier for me to pronounce these days, as weird as that sounds.

McInterviewPerson: Back to the rain, it kind of fascinates me. Did you always like it? And thunderstroms, were you not afraid of the as a little kid?

McWriter: No, as a matter of fact I wasn't. I always enjoyed watching thunder and lightning and the downpour - of course. My sister tends to panic, though.

There's more to come... To be continued...


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