My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...

My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...
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   A lavander tale - Grey's Anatomy
   Before any ot the rest of it - Grey's Anatomy
   Shards of glass - Grey's Anatomy
   Pros and cons - Grey's Anatomy
   Room service? - Grey's Anatomy
   Karma - Grey's Anatomy
   Does nobody sleep in this hospital? - Grey's Anatomy
   Happy New Year - Grey's Anatomy
   Merry Christmas - Grey's Anatomy
   Bright Red - Harry Potter
   Clearing - Harry Potter
   Dark - Harry Potter
   Evil - Harry Potter
   Irony - Harry Potter
   Lightning - Harry Potter
   Sanity - Harry Potter


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Favorite Grey's person (male):

1. Alex Karev - because I totally love him. Everything about him. He's absolutely perfect. He acts like he's an ass (and I really have a thing for bad guys) and is actually the sweetest, most caring, most amazing guy ever. He's my guy. He says perfect things. He's the guy I wanna get married to and have kids with.

2. McSteamy - because he's so damn hot. No other explanation needed. Who cares that he's a real ass most of the time?

3. Denny Duquette - because he's Denny. He radiates warmth and love. He can't help it, he's awefully cute.  

4. McDreamy - only fourth because I can't seem to find him attractive. Weird, I know. But he's a good guy. Too cheesy, but a good guy. Oh, I hate the way he reacts when he loses control, though. He's a huge McJackass then and I want to inflict very serious damage on him, just because he hurts Mer. Mer is me. I want to be happy. And Derek's a McJackass sometimes. Yes, only fourth.

Favorite Grey's person (female):

1. Meredith Grey - because she's me and I like myself these days.

2. Addison Montgomery (NOT MONTGOMERY-SHEPHERD!!!) - because she's fun and she has the same taste in men as I do (This Pete guy is horrible, though, but since I live in the most happy place of denial, she never met him!).

3. Cristina Yang / Miranda Bailey - Yeah, they're fighting for number three... Love them both. Can't decide.

Favorite part of male anatomy:

1. Haha, you won't believe it, but it's true: BACKS! I have a thing for backs. Nothing is better than a nice back. Geez, I'm weird, right?

2. Faces! Important, too. If a guy doesn't have a nice face (I'm totally counting on a crooked grin here), he's a lot less interesting.

3. Hands. Nice masculine hands. I seem to like them a lot.

Favorite Grey's story (that I have written/am currently writing):

1. Why we can't hate Dr McDreamy - Seriously. Best story ever. I'm so proud of every single chapter. I read through it about a hundred and twenty times by now and I still can't seem to get enough. And I still keep writing and writing and writing and it gets better with every new chapter... You can really look forward to that one!

2. Room service? - Because it's so damn fun to write. And Addex belong together. And this kind of mends some of the crappy things Shonda has done to them. Not exactly what I would have liked to happen to them, but definitely nice to write. And I love reading it. Again and again and again. Yes, denial is a beautiful place!

3. Shards of glass - Hell, I love it. It's kind of cheesy / cliché / hyperangsty, but I am so proud. Addex again (I have a huge thing for them, as you may have noticed) and AU, which is cool, since I always wanted to do something about Alex' horrible childhood and Addison kind of fit as his personal angel who he doesn't want to mess up.

4. Not quite sure. A lavander tale, I suppose. It's a lot different than anything I have ever done, which makes it kind of special. Very angsty. Kind of AU, because the characters are a little more fucked up.

5. Before any of the rest of it OR Losing control. Can't decide. BAOTROI's pretty funny and I'm proud of it. LC (not published yet) is pretty angsty and I'm proud of it. So, yeah, I honestly can't decide.

Favorite Grey's story (that other people have written):

1. In my head (by McPerfect) - because it's so damn cute and exactly what should have happened in real life Grey's. And because I'm Addex all the way.

2. Help me forget (by ChristineGrey) - because it's one of the best written stories I ever read and because it's an Alex past story. I absolutely adore it.  

3. Crazy little thing called love (by Gravedancer) - because it's fun. Simple, amazing MerDer fun. Derek the Dork... Meredith the partygirl who refuses to study... Them totally hating each other, but there's this damn attraction...*grin*

4. Best friends, worst enemies (by xiao chan) - because every time I read it, I have to laugh so much my parents look at me as if I'm crazy and ask: "Is it really that funny?"

Favorite HP story (that I have written/am currently writing):

1. Lightning. I think. I love what I did there and it's different than most of the things I have read.

2. Bright Red. My first, if I recall correctly. I still adore the idea of it.

3. Clearing. Just love the pictures I painted there.

4. Evil. Absolutely awesome in its darkness.

Favorite HP story (that other people have written):

1. Water (by kissherdraco). Go check it out. You can find it as part of the 'Top Ten'. Best damn story I ever read.

2. Silencio (by AkashaTheKitty). One of the finest love stories I have found so far.

3. The sun on both sides (by ideaofsarcasm). Simply brilliant.

Favorite Grey's pairing:

1. Addex have taken over number one, since I can't seem to be in the MerDer mood these days. Plus, they're more fun, easier to write and leave more to the imagination, because there's less interaction in Shondaland. And Alex is my guy. And I analyse every single damn thing about them. Frankly, I'm obsessed with Addex.

2. MerDer. Not my favorite anymore, they're kind of losing the magic for me. Which is clearly sad. But I still like them and I hope I can get into the mood again soon, because I do have tons of MerDer stories that need my attention.

3. Dizzie, I assume. Maybe Bang. I also like McStizzie these days. And I have no problem with O'Callie.

Favorite Grey's random/odd pairing:

1. I'd have to say O'Yang, which is George and Cristina. I mean, George already slept with everyone else, and him and Cristina would be total and utter fun, wouldn't it?

2. MarkCristina. Because they'd be hilarious, too.

3. BurkeIzzie, 'cause they make me smile. But that really is random and odd.

Grey's pairings that I hate:

1. Addek. They have like two scenes that are bearable to watch. I really love them as friends, though.

2. Gizzie, because they make me puke. Again: BEST FRIENDS! NOT LOVERS!

3. MerFinn. Good guy or not, I hate him! He's boring, only ever wears green, doesn't have the hair and he's not even a real doctor! Go home to your animal kingdom, McVet (even though I think you really don't deserve any McNickname at all)!

Favorite best friends (Grey's):

1. Meredith and Cristina. Because their friendship is totally crazy.

2. George and Izzie. Since their interaction is so hilarious.

3. McSteamy and McDreamy: Because they're so damn mean to each other one moment and best buddies the next!

Favorite other friends (Grey's):

1. Meredith and Alex. They're like brother and sister, not judgemental, always there for each other and both really messed up. They're clearly my favorites.

2. Callie and Addison: Because they're right out fun!

3. Burke and Derek, since Derek doesn't seem to have any other guy friends.

Favorite could-be friends (Grey's):

1. Addison and Derek, because I love the way they always tease each other (no, not as a couple).

2. Addison and Meredith: 'What I am' shows you all you need to know that would make them amazing friends.

3. Addison and Izzie: The talks about the adultery and the being rich thing are hilarious.

Favorite HP pairing (might be odd or random):

1. Dramione. Don't ask why, I don't even know myself. They're just fun. I think I like the forbidden, hate/love thing about them.

2. Snape/Lily. I absolutely fell in love with his love for her and what he did to revenge her death.

Favorite HP person:

1. Sirius Black. Because he's such a tragic character! And so full of love and great and-... I don't know. He's simply amazing. And he died.

2. Severus Snape. Yeah, another dead guy. Sorry. He's even more tragic than Sirius! Imagine what he went through! Besides, his love for Lily really touched me.

3. Hermione Granger. Dunno. She's just so much fun! And for some reason, I used to be able to identify with her easily.

Favorite HP OOC:

1. Dark Draco. The more dangerous the hotter, seriously.

Favorite original story (that I have written/am currently writing):

1. The diaries of Jane Doe. The most potential and the best plot. Some fine character design, too.

2. Where all the lost ideas go. Interesting and somewhat special.

3. Aryneii. A fantastic tale (literally); epic and magical.

Favorite day of the week (April 08):

1. Fridays, because there's either Aikido or theater rehersals.

2. Wednesday, because hypothetically it's a Happy Grey's Day, and because I have theater rehersals.

3. Sunday, since it's a day to do nothing and I sometimes enjoy those.

Favorite weather:

1. Thunderstorms. Passion everywhere. That's what I call tension.

2. Rain. My favorite rain is big, heavy droplets from a deep black sky. Dark, stormy cloud canopy, you could call it, if you want to be romantic about it.

3. Sunset/Night. Not necessarily weather, but you know what I mean, don't you?

Things that I hate:

1. Awkward silence. There is nothing worse than that. It's annoying and horrible and it pisses me off.

2. Constant fear. Sucks, I can tell you.

3. Being forced to get up early in the morning and the sun shines brightly, burning my poor vampire eyes. The result of that is mostly a headache and a seriously bad mood.


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