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My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...
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  Which Grey's character resembles you the most?

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Hey there! I prepared a little thing to find out which Grey's character I am (as if I hadn't known that already), and I think it's pretty funny. Enjoy!


Which Grey's Anatomy character resembles you the most?

1. I love...

a) aortic aneurisms. Surgery in general.

b) tequila and man-candy.

c) redheads and plastic surgery.

d) Meredith.

e) redheads and plastic surgery.

f) Christina.

g) being allowed to practice medicine.

h) torturing my interns. Those little suck-ups!

i) helping people.

j) man-candy.

k) George O'Malley.

l) my office.

2. The worst mistake I've ever made was...

a) moving in with Burke. Seriously, the rooms are so sterile you could perform surgery! What a freak.

b) drowning.

c) cheating on Izzie. Turning Addison down. Not quite sure.

d) not choosing Meredith in the first place.

e) Geez, I don't know. As far as I know, I'm flawless.

f) forcing Cristina to move in with me. She's really aggressive somtimes.

g) cutting Denny's LVAD vire.

h) ever allowing these damn fools to practise medicine!

i) cheating on Callie.

j) sleeping with Mark. Believing Karev is interested. Staying with Derek. Moving to Seattle in the first place.

k) I killed a little girl once.

l) cheating on my wife.

3. I slept with...

a) Burke.

b) Oh. Uh... Lots of random guys. And... uh... George. And Derek!

c) Izzie, Olivia and Addison.

d) Meredith and Addison.

e) pretty much every girl that wanted in my pants. And I dare say there were many. Oh, people on the show? Only Addison. And Callie. Damn. How is that possible? I need to start hitting on Meredith again. Or Izzie. Or Cristina. No, Cristina is scary. Definitely Meredith or Izzie.

f) Christina.

g) Oh. Uh... George. And Alex.

h) my husband, you damn fool!

i) Long list. Let's see, chronological order. Olivia, Meredith, Callie and Izzie.

j) Derek, Mark and Karev.

k) George. Oh, and McSteamy. Shit!

l) my wife and Ellis.

4. My favorite drink is...

a) vodka.

b) tequila.

c) beer.

d) single malt scotch.

e) single malt scotch.

f) I don't drink.

g) tequila, but only sometimes.

h) I don't have time to drink! Some of us have to earn what they get!

i) beer.

j) Martini.

k) Vodka tonic.

l) Uh... I don't drink. Anymore. I used to have this problem with it, you know.

5. My (Mc)Nickname is...

a) I don't need a McNickname to be hot. 

b) dark and twisty.

c) Evil Spawn. And some genius of a writer came up with McBadGuy (A/N: actually that was Addison's idea, I didn't have anything to do with it).

d) McDreamy.

e) McSteamy.

f) Burke?

g) Izzie. Some people call me happy and perky... And Cristina calls me Barbie sometimes, but I don't like that. Oh, and Dr Model, but I'm over that.

h) Never heard of the nazi before? Stupid...

i) Bambi.

j) Satan. They all call me Satan. Even though I prefer Ruler Of All That Is Evil. Oh, wait, some call me Satan's whore. Or Satan in salmon scrubs. Pick one.

k) I don't have one.

l) Do I look like I have a nickname to you?

6. My favorite place is...

a) the OR.

b) Joe's.

c) on-call rooms. You get some serious action in those.

d) Meredith's house. Especially her bedroom. And the shower. I also have my trailer.

e) any bedroom.

f) the OR and my appartment.

g) Meredith's place.

h) at home with William and Tucker.

i) the whirlpool in Vegas.

j) on-call rooms. You get some serious action in those. Did I just say that? I mean, anywhere but a trailer.

k) the whirlpool in Vegas.

l) my office.

7. I tend to...

a) snap at people. Want to slice and dice. Not be supportive. Listen to my person's pathetic ramblings and then laugh at her.

b) get drunk and sleep with inappropriate men. Oh, and I ramble. A lot. And I deny and avoid.

c) be mean.

d) be cheesy. At least Meredith thinks I am.

e) go after everything in a skirt. Nothing wrong with that.

f) clean my appartment. Especially now that Cristina has moved in I have a lot of work to do.

g) nest when I'm upset. Bake muffins and chocolate cupcakes in the middle of the night.

h) torture my suck-ups.

i) stumble over my words awkwardly.

j) fall for guys who don't want me. Example? I wasted 11 years with Derek, threw my marriage with him away for Mark, who cheated on me several times and then I fall head over heels for an intern and screw mine and Mark's agreement up over it, just to find out he doesn't even want me. Satisfied?

k) bitch at people I don't like.

l) work. 


a) You're Cristina. Geez, the poor people around you!

b) Hello, Meredith! Join the club!

c) Alex.

d) Derek.

e) Mark.

f) Burke.

g) Izzie.

h) Bailey.

i) George.

j) Addison

k) Callie.

l) Richard.


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