My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...

My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...
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   Bright Red - Harry Potter
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   Sanity - Harry Potter


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My McOCs

Let me introduce to you: my very own OCs!

Zoe Jane Lewis

-one of the nazi’s interns

-26 years old

-has a five-year-old daughter named Rachel

-lives with her daughter and her 15-year-old sister Shannon

-good mother, but very exhausting sister

-favourite drink: tequila

-smells like orange

-short red hair


-likes to dress in black

-never wears dresses

-rather pale

-1.78 m

-only eye make-up (only black)

-has a dragonfly tattoo on her right wrist (illegally done in Mexico)

-has a thing for movies and TV shows

-eats a lot

-can cook very well, but turns the kitchen into a battle field every time she does, and refuses to clean the mess afterwards, so she usually orders in

-hates hamburgers and French Fries

-loves lemon ice-cream

-hates mushrooms

-addicted to Izzie’s chocolate cupcakes

-loves peach iced tea

-hates coffee

-eats scrambled eggs when she’s hungover (tip from Alex)

-never eats breakfast

-goes neuro, because she wants to find a cure for ordinary headaches, because she has headaches all the time and doesn’t have brain tumor or something

-has a terrible handwriting, even for a doctor

-from LA

-grew up with her dad

-dad writes books about cooking and baking

-parents are divorced

-her mother doesn’t care about her

-crappy lovelife

-doesn’t do relationships, only one-night-stands

-always falls for the wounded guys

-has this thing for Mark

-tries to fix MerDer and Addex up

-dark and twisty

-likes Metal and Rock

-favourite band: STAIND

-always carries an i-pod with her

-favourite book: ‘A long way down’ by Nick Hornby

-isn’t afraid of Bailey

-doesn’t respect authorities

-is on first-name-base with everyone, because she won’t call anyone Dr [name]; in the OR she calls the others ‘Dr Whatever’

-doesn’t care about rules

-hates liars, so she’s usually maybe a little too honest

-doesn’t avoid people, deny things or run away when things get complicated

-slightly aggressive and impatient

-hates incompetent people (especially nurses)

-does kickboxing

-hates shopping tours

-loves doing karaoke

-loves dancing in clubs (not for money, just for fun)

-wins every bet

-very good at gambling and poker

-her best buddy is Alex

-Cristina likes her, because she’s angry and bitter all the time, but also thinks of her as a competition, because she’s as good as she is

-Izzie likes her, because her dad published her favourite book about muffins

-Mer’s friend from high-school, college and med school

-has a cat named Lila

-lives in a small appartment

-doesn’t need much sleep (2-4 hours), but sleeps late on her days off

-not a morning person

-very talented, promissing and smart

-got a scholarship

-speaks English, Spanish and German, also very little French

Heather Karev

Jake Karev

Jo Karev


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