My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...

My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...
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   A lavander tale - Grey's Anatomy
   Before any ot the rest of it - Grey's Anatomy
   Shards of glass - Grey's Anatomy
   Pros and cons - Grey's Anatomy
   Room service? - Grey's Anatomy
   Karma - Grey's Anatomy
   Does nobody sleep in this hospital? - Grey's Anatomy
   Happy New Year - Grey's Anatomy
   Merry Christmas - Grey's Anatomy
   Bright Red - Harry Potter
   Clearing - Harry Potter
   Dark - Harry Potter
   Evil - Harry Potter
   Irony - Harry Potter
   Lightning - Harry Potter
   Sanity - Harry Potter


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My McStyle of McWriting 

I thought I could explain some things to you, this time concerning the way I write a story.

First of all, from which points of view each story I have or will have published:

A lavander tale’: Dark, angsty, mostly totally AU, characters bear resemblance to the real Grey’s characters, but are not really like them. POVs shift too often, even during the same chapter.

Before any of the rest of it’: Very funny and light, very true to the characters. Shifting POVs, but written as a ‘he/she did something’, not an ‘I did something’ kind of POV.

Christmas Cards’: In the normal, conventional way letters are written, but with they Grey’s characters’ style. Everyone gets to write letters to everyone.

Why we can’t hate Dr McDreamy’: Mostly light and very funny, sometimes it gets slightly angsty and once or twice it gets really angsty. Totally true to the characters (only really minor changes that are necessary to have a different storyline than real-life-Grey’s). Shifting ‘I’-perspective POVs.

'Room service?': Written in a very light way, just for fun and because Addex need to be together. Shifting 3rd person POVs, sometimes changing during the chapter.

'Shards of glass': Slightly cliché, a little too cheesy, but I think it's seriously amazing. Alex/Addie POVs only, sometimes shifting in the same chapter. Working with flashbacks a lot. Angsty.

'Merry Christmas', 'Happy New Year', 'Pro's and cons' and 'Does nobody sleep in this hospital': Addex  oneshots, Addie's POV  (3rd person). Just for fun and the sake of it. Not angsty, more just there to please us poor, desperate Addex fans.

'Bright Red': Dramione oneshot, written in Draco's POV (1st person). Just because I couldn't get it out of my head. A little angsty, not very romantic, just sad.

Then you might want to know which couples I support, in case you haven’t read any of my stories yet. I support and write about (favorite quote first, couple and explanation later):

You’re sexually harassing me.” – “I’m riding an elevator.”

MerDer: Meredith and Derek (obviously). Awww, McCouple... The elevator people. I love and support them, because they have a way of always getting in trouble. Seriously. One of them always screws things up or other things happen that are not so great for them, but really nice for us to watch. First he’s her boss (okay, that doesn’t really lead to too many complications), then, once she agrees to go out with him and is happy for the first time in a long time, his wife shows up (which speaks for itself), then he doesn’t choose her, because he’s stupid and wants to be a good man, then they try and fail to pretend they’re friends, then they have this huge fight because she’s trying to move on, which results in adulterous exam-room sex. Of course, Mer panics (seriously, who wouldn’t), but at least he has the decency to finally divorce his wife and tell her he loves her (which everyone but those two already knew the first time they were separated and it was so obvious Der wasn’t really trying with Addie, because he loves Mer). She ditches McVet (but even that takes her some time, I do not get why) and Derek walks away because (once again) he thinks he has to be the good man and – this time – spare her all the baggage. Then they’re happy and bright and shiny and stuff until Meredith’s horrible mother goes and tells her horrible things. Meredith gets slightly suicital (at least she doesn’t fight when she falls into the water), she dies and after that everything changes. Derek doubts their relationship, he flirts with some girl in a bar (who turns out to be Meredith’s sister), they stop talking to each other (at least Meredith won’t let him get too closely involved in her life or be there for her or whatever), they break up for no good reason. It’s amazing, really. How can two people be so damn stupid? Fine, I know, they’re not stupid, they’re just scared (at least Mer is and she’s dark and twisty and stuff) and Derek can be pretty jerkish sometimes (but he’s heart-breakingly dreamy any other time). They just have chemistry (well, at least the kind of chemistry that is strong enough to make you want to slap them when they act stupidly again – and then you go and cry, because they’re so cute as a non-couple, though undeniably foolish). Okay, seriously. You want to deny there are so many things about them that are simply great? Well, don’t. They’re great. Period.

Because he was rude to you.”

Addex: Addison and Alex. Okay, you probably don’t get why I love them. As a MerDer fan, I’m actually supposed to hate Addie, because she’s Satan and ruined their relationship the first time, caused them a year of silent suffering and all. Well, I don’t hate her. Not anymore. And Alex... Well, if you don’t really watch what he does and says you think he’s an ass. He’s not. He’s the sweetest guy ever. And man have they chemistry! Seriously. It’s like you can bake eggs on the heat of their looks. In the real show, they’re stupid, too, and never really end up together (seriously, how are we fans supposed to be okay with one kiss and one time of having sex?), but in my stories I refuse to let them be that way. They are absolutely perfect together. They just have to realize that. I must admit (yeah, I know, shock for all the hard-core MerDer fans), they have really grown on me. Right now I love them so much they’re equal to Mer and Der. Yup, I know that’s just weird. But I’m bearing a grudge against the real-life-Grey’s Mer and Der, because they refuse to just be happy, and even though Addie’s gone now in the real show I still believe her and Alex could have been a way better couple than our beloved McCouple. Besides the tension between them is so thick you can cut it with a knife. All I have to do is make them act on it. That’s not too difficult, you know... Anyway, I love them. Nothing’s ever gonna change that, not even Shonda.

You think I’m cute...”

Dizzie: Denny and Izzie. God, Denny shouldn’t have died. Seriously, the only reason why I forgave Shonda for that was because she suffered because of the choice just as much as I do. And she gave Denny a guest appearance in season three (when Mer was dead), which was just like the cutest, most heart-breaking thing ever. I mean it, after those three episodes I was all up in tears, a lot of them because of Denny. Anyway, him and Izzie, they were such a sweet couple who simply deserved a chance to get happy that I couldn’t resist but get Denny back from the land of the dead. I need him to live and I need him to be happily ever after with Izzie. They are really nice and really sweet. They deserve a chance.

"Seriously! What kind of girl does not want a relationship with the great Mark Sloan?" - "Well... I don't."

MarkZoe: Mark and Zoe (haha, who would have guessed). Zoe’s my character. I made her up. I already described her in a previous entry. She and Mark have great chemistry, because she’s the kind of girl who’s totally fine with sex, no strings attached, and isn’t even interested in having a relationship with him. He can’t deal with that, because he really likes her and the fact that she doesn’t seem to want him in any other way than physically kind of drives him crazy and makes him try to convince her he’s a really great guy for a relationship. I think they’re funny to the point of being right out hilarious, and they have a great deal of potential. I’m glad I made Zoe up.


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