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My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...
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Holidays are almost over...

So many things have happened the last few weeks, I didn't even have time to think about school. In fact, I was so distracted that the thought I'd have to get back to school eventually was completely new to me when I stumbled across it yesterday.

11th grade now. Three more years. And the fucking grades now really start to matter. You know how much that particular fact freaks me out? A lot! I still haven't learned how to study, my self-discipline needs a lot of working on and since I never really cared about school (I stopped around 6th grade, what does that tell you?) it's going to be really hard focusing it or even considering it a priority.

I'm not looking forward to the next few years. I'm too old to go to school!

The thing is: Our class is falling apart (literally, it's rather sure we'll be seperated), chances are non-existent we'll have my two favorite teachers - meaning Maths will be horrible again and Latin go back to the usual drag. Which'll make the whole thing even worse.

Plus, I have so many other things to worry about, even vacation time was not exactly letting me catch a breath or relax or whatever. I'm exhausted and that without having to worry about grades and get up at 6.45 am!

The only possitive aspect about this is that autumn's just around the corner and I'll get to wear my leather jacket again soon...

3.9.08 13:46


I had two hours of school today. TWO!

Only Politics, then recess, then German. And then I went back home!

Yay! That's the sort of school day I like!

14.4.08 18:15

Power studying and chemistry kick

Phew... If that wasn't power studying, I honestly don't know how to define power studying. What? You want a definition? Fine, there you go.

Power studying: noun, two words, stands for hours and hours of stuffing French grammar and vocabulary into my head, rather exhausting, but efficient, probably no long term effects or damage

Yup. We wrote a big French test today. And naturally, I wasn't all that prepared (meaning: not prepared at all) until an hour before the test.

Fortunately I'm a quick learner. As in really, seriously quick. That's what I do. In fact, this evening (I'm talking about, like, an hour ago), I typed the grammar stuff into my computer and printed it. Because I'm me, I already know it by heart. And that was one and a half year worth of material! Like I said, I'm a quick study. Argh, I used the word 'learner' before, didn't I?

Whatever, ignore my choice of words right now. Yeah, my English sucks today, all that fucking French drained every little bit of eloquence out of my system.

But now I suppose I finally am able to start participating class. As in paying attention, maybe raise my hand every once in a while. Because really? I haven't done all that much of that. I don't care about French, thus I could care less about my grade. But I do. I need to get good grades. And it's not that difficult. I honestly do only need to force myself to sit down and study. Which I did now. Do. Whatever.

I'm repeating stuff, am I not? Well, that's an obvious sign that I should stop with the ranting, because it obviously leads to rambling. And rambling is something I do a lot lately. Even in real life, I'm starting. In German! You try rambling in German! It's not even that easy! But now I'm a master, without wanting to be one.

Anyway, I was talking about French. Before the test, I was on a sugar high, and therefore a little bit embarrassing and-... bouncy. And quite talkative. Rambling about stuff real fast. It was horrible, but I couldn't stop. And after the test, I was so exhausted, I could hardly move my feet. My head was literally (okay, not literally literally) empty and the room was spinning. That's what little sleep, power studying and a life-altering (okay, exaggerating there) test does to you. I'm glad it's over.

I somehow have the feeling it might be a good grade, but I had that feeling the last time, too, and what I got then was a 'D-E' (4-5)! Which obviously sucked. I'd be happy if I got a grade better than 'C'!

Of course, I am kinda ambitious. Kind of. Meaning? I hate myself every time I get a good grade, but it seems I don't hate myself enough, since that doesn't mean I start studying.

Urgh. Whatever. Doesn't matter anyway. Gotta wait for my teacher to give us the fucking tests back until I have any freaking clue 'bout my grade. And she's a very slow one. Meaning, if we're lucky, we'll get it in four to five weeks.

Our Arts teacher made us do some sort of catwalk and filmed us. It was so unnecessary and ridiculous... Not to mention embarrassing. We had to present 'designer pieces' we'd made. Well, I'd made mine (some horrible bag thingy) in the middle of the night, yesterday. It sucked, almost as much as the walking thing. But I wore my leather jacket, that made me feel better. Yeah, the thing provides confident boosts. Which is cool.

Since when I got a leather jacket? Well, my parents bought me one. Yeah. My parents. You heard/read correctly. They were out doing some shopping with friends and came back with this awesome leather jacket for me! I almost freaked out, I was so happy! Jumped through the house and all. I love my leather jacket... Officially one of my favorite pieces of clothing now!

Argh! Chemistry! Today, it wasn't just nice and interesting, it was fucking awesome! I did something the others needed at least 20 minutes for in half a minute! It was so easy and really cool! And that even though I spent 90 percent of the time studying French!

Yeah, chemistry's amazing. If I don't get to study medicine, I'll do something with chemistry. Hopefully, you don't need absolutely awesome grades there, too. But I do still intend to go to med school. I'm simply preparing myself for the posibilitly that it might not work out my way. Plan B and all. A bunch of crap, but necessary. I hate plan Bs. I WANT FREAKIN' PLAN A!

I swear a lot nowadays, don't I? I'm officially apologizing and promising you I WON'T stop. Simply, 'cause I like it. I'm blaming 'A long way down'. This JJ character says he doesn't know how to not swear all the time, since there are some god damn holes in the fucking language. Right he is.

And that's it for today. I might work a little on my fanfics and maybe update, but I doubt it. First, I'm going to take a shower. Afterwards, we'll see what I'll feel like doing.

22.2.08 20:32


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