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My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...
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'Live forever, die alone - Amor Aeternus'

Now this story is quite interesting.

Let's start with the title. I spend a lot of time trying to come up with one that actually makes the potential readers actual readers and still captures the story. I can't say I'm pleased with what I did end up having as a title, but it's okay.

I - oddly - worked with one of Jack's (from 'LOST') quotes: "If we don't learn to live together, we're gonna die alone." or something. That's a 'live together, die alone', which came pretty close to my storyline. So all I did was write 'live FOREVER, die alone' and there was my title.

Part two of it is simply the name of the ancient magic keeping Draco and Hermione together through the ages. 

Now that. That I hadn't had in mind when I started writing. But as usual, the characters took over the story with their very own ideas 

12.11.08 19:28

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