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My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...
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Story of my life

Hehe, I've been listening to too much Green Day. 'American Idiot' is my favorite album, since it was my first. Have you ever noticed you like the one CD by the same band (that might have made higher quality ones, too) you've owned longest and listened to the most often the most? Emotional connection is everything.

Whatever. I was attempting to explain something to (imaginary)you. 'American Idiot' is not only because of 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' (which is the story of my life) the best, but also because of the tale it tells.

St. Jimmy, Whatsername and co. I absolutely love the way it describes a youth by talking about something else. Fictional characters that stand for real people, places, symbolism, everything is a little bit altered but you get exactly what they're talking about. You can even feel it. Conjuring images in the audience's head only makes everything stronger.

And this is what I'm actually trying to say: I've been looking for a way to write about my life as if it was a different thing. As if I was living in a different world.

What I came up with?

Well, everyone knows I call myself a vampire and these days I feel 600 years old. I'm unknown, but have an identity. Thus I'm calling myself (I only just decided) Jane Catherine Doe. I guess you know what a Jane Doe is (and I'm currently writing a story about one), the Catherine's simply in there to emphasise the 'I am an actual person with emotions and an identity that noone but me knows and perhaps not even I do' thing.

I recently made a pact with death, so I suppose I can make it a person. Karma, too. They live in the same street, door-to-door neighbors. And Melody, of course. Don't forget Melody, standing for my muse and the music the name is born out of.

And there it is: My own fictional world to live in.

If I was a songwriter, I could write an album, too. But unfortunately I suck at that. The only song of mine that actually is good, 'Home of the Lost and the Broken' would work perfectly well with the rest, though... Perhaps maybe eventually.

Anyway, that's all I'm saying. I've been around eternities and still don't belong here. I'm a 600-year-old vampire and I never owned a castle to go up in flames.

16.9.08 15:42

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