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My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...
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Just a few general thingies

Thought I might just as well write about some things here, too. I can't believe it either, but I still write in my diary - even started the second one. It's a bit creepy, since I never managed to keep doing that for more than, like, two weeks. And I so prefer typing... More information faster way more eloquently put. And in English.

I miss the English. I miss the writing. I miss the daily highs. I'm a disappointment to my readers, seeing as I simply don't update. I have no freaking clue just how I'm supposed to start writing again if I never have time anymore? Seriously!

Even the holidays were too hectic and filled with stuff to do and dates (Haha, not what you think. I don't date. I don't believe in dating. I have enough problems without dating.) and places to be... I wrote like 16 pages tops, including the 8 pages of 'Sanity'. Last year, the summer holidays were spent writing a freakin' hundred pages for 'Why we can't hate Dr McDreamy' alone!


It's not that I'm lazy or anything - as a matter of fact the issue is that I'm too busy. I'm already in the middle of rehersing three (!) different plays, including (and there's some irony in that) a new version of 'Scrooge'. Been there, done that. Or not. It really is a different play.

And I have friends. Still. Creepy, ain't it? But I like it. One day a week (approximately), we meet. I've been neglecting them quite a bit while I was actually so busy that I was barely home (and accidentally lost a few kilos by simply never having time to eat), and now I have to make up for lost time. They're seriously awesome. It's a shame you'll never meet them. We're very different people, but that makes the whole thing so much more fun.

My family is taking a lot of my time as well, especially my dear sis. She's in the middle of puberty, meaning she so needs attention. We've never gotten along quite as well as we do these days. I'm keeping her entertained and because she can't be mad at me, it's more fun than a burden. I actually enjoy it a whole fucking lot. She's really great.

And when school starts again, I'll have even less time for myself. As in no time. Aikido, singing lessons, acting, studying, family, friends, more acting (because we're getting close to a new premiere here) and let's not forget eating and drinking and sleeping. And absolutely no booze.

I made a rule: No alcohol on school days and respective weekends. Exception only, if there's a REALLY very special occasion. I guess I won't be able to keep to that rule completely, but hell... I've been known to bend rules without breaking them.

Then again, I did break Rule Number One and now I'm suffering the consequenses. No fun, I can tell you. I can't elaborate, but PLEASE care not to break Rule Number One. It's such a bloody mess.

It did help make me angry, though. I very much appreciate that. I hate myself for handling the situation, but I indeed manage to be more angry than scared at last. It's like someone lifted the weight of the world from my shoulders. Very... liberating. I love being angry... Fear sucks. Anger rules.

And that's that. I really don't know how to squeeze 'writing' into my timetable. But maybe it'll turn out alright.

Yeah, well... Have a great time. I need to go hide under a blanket.

4.9.08 17:35

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