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My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...
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Holidays are almost over...

So many things have happened the last few weeks, I didn't even have time to think about school. In fact, I was so distracted that the thought I'd have to get back to school eventually was completely new to me when I stumbled across it yesterday.

11th grade now. Three more years. And the fucking grades now really start to matter. You know how much that particular fact freaks me out? A lot! I still haven't learned how to study, my self-discipline needs a lot of working on and since I never really cared about school (I stopped around 6th grade, what does that tell you?) it's going to be really hard focusing it or even considering it a priority.

I'm not looking forward to the next few years. I'm too old to go to school!

The thing is: Our class is falling apart (literally, it's rather sure we'll be seperated), chances are non-existent we'll have my two favorite teachers - meaning Maths will be horrible again and Latin go back to the usual drag. Which'll make the whole thing even worse.

Plus, I have so many other things to worry about, even vacation time was not exactly letting me catch a breath or relax or whatever. I'm exhausted and that without having to worry about grades and get up at 6.45 am!

The only possitive aspect about this is that autumn's just around the corner and I'll get to wear my leather jacket again soon...

3.9.08 13:46

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