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'Karma XII'

I can't believe it either: I actually finished the chapter. I'd had it half-done for at least seven months now and finally I managed to convince myself working on it might be a good idea.

I haven't been doing a lot of writing lately, but apparently my muse is floating outside my window, peeking inside, trying to figure out whether giving me a tad inspiration might be a good idea. The window's open, by the way, so it's really up to her.

Even though my own creativity (and energy) has mainly been focused on acting and weird real life stuff, I did some mental growing and developing and even more thinking than ususal.

I've been rather introspective, but also been working on character design and different ways of getting some style into my creations. I've been watching people, analysing them and thinking about storylines (for once not putting too much into one tale, but actually regarding the personalities and ACTUAL ideas of plots).

My main topics will always be love, death (especially suicide) and the sick and twisted way the human mind works, with emphasis on relationships between different people. More than anything, I love stories, in which characters collide, are forced to get to know each other by circumstances and then develop a very fragile connection, so my focus will always be on that sort of stuff.

The last few weeks, I have taken a look at all the potential stories I got on my laptop and was surprised to see most of them are quite well-written and rather interesting, especially my original stuff. I dare say some of them are even a-fucking-mazing. I worked a bit on a few of them and was happy to see my muse (let's call her Melody, because I love music and it's not the name I'd give my kids, but sort of cool and unusual) hesitantly watch me from afar.

When I finally managed to start writing 'The diaries of Jane Doe', my big project that I have all planned out but there's still enough air for the characters do do what they want, I think Melody even smiled at me. Seriously, it's a great story and I really hope I can get someplace with it.

I also worked on 'Why we can't hate Dr McDreamy'. Yeah, I can't believe it either. Let's just say, the story's too good to not be written. 'Shards of glass', however, I did not touch. I want to be really good at what I'm doing again before I concentrate on something that means so fucking much to me.

And now, on to 'Karma'.

It's not the best thing I ever wrote, but at least it's an update! I even got reviews - which I didn't necessarily expect after my long absense.

Like I mentioned before, I'd already had most of the chapter written before this, but my passive-aggressive case of writer's block was so severe and rude to me that I couldn't make myself finish it.

I had a very hard time writing Naomi and Violet, because the only part of 'Private Practise' I ever watched was the 'Grey's' episode that had the characters in it. And I'm not sure at all I'm even close. They might be completely different people. Plus, I don't know whether Vi and Addie are as close to each other as described in my story. But hell, that's what you get for writing fanfictions about things you know nothing about.

The only part about this chapter that I really like is the end of the Alex/Melody (oh, my muse stole her name) 'conversation', even though her monologue didn't turn out quite as nicely as I'd wanted it to. I love the dry "I want a divorce" with the crooked grin after she kept yelling at him and wouldn't let him speak. And the "About damn time" was so much fun to write, I still remember doing that and it was ages ago.

Everything else was simply done because it had to be done. It's a filler, really, but a necessary one. I think the story will have only one or two more chapters, possibly an epilogue. It's definitely the closest to being a finished story I've been in ages.

Okay, that's it for today. Just so you know what I've been doing (at least the part that concerns the writing). Bye, c ya someday.

23.8.08 16:15

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