My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...

My McBlog - simply because I seriously like rambling...
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  Which Grey's character resembles you the most?

   A lavander tale - Grey's Anatomy
   Before any ot the rest of it - Grey's Anatomy
   Shards of glass - Grey's Anatomy
   Pros and cons - Grey's Anatomy
   Room service? - Grey's Anatomy
   Karma - Grey's Anatomy
   Does nobody sleep in this hospital? - Grey's Anatomy
   Happy New Year - Grey's Anatomy
   Merry Christmas - Grey's Anatomy
   Bright Red - Harry Potter
   Clearing - Harry Potter
   Dark - Harry Potter
   Evil - Harry Potter
   Irony - Harry Potter
   Lightning - Harry Potter
   Sanity - Harry Potter


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I'm Jo, female and only pathetic 15 years old, totally addicted to Grey's Anatomy and active fanfiction writer, obsessed with the thought of becoming a (cardiothoracic) surgeon and exactly like Meredith Grey. Dark and twisty, most of the time, bright and shiny these days. I'm focusing on being bright and shiny. And I ramble. And I tend to love MerDer and Addex so much they appear everywhere I write about something. Actually, I always only talk about Grey's. Sometimes my 'life'. Sometimes my dreams. But mostly Grey's. Sorry, can't help it.

Yup, that's that. Pathetic entry, I'll get something better up as soon as I can think of something.

Alter: 26
aus: 68753 Waghäusel
Schule: Copernicus-Gymnasium in Philippsburg

Ich mag diese...
Musiker: STAIND
Lieder: So far away, Zoe Jane, It's been awhile, Everything changes
Sendungen: Grey's Anatomy!!!
Filme: pretty much everything with Johnny Depp (especially Arizona Dream, PotC, Benny and Joon, Corpse Bride), LotR, Star Wars, Back to the future, Indiana Jones, Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Interview with the vampire, Meet Joe Black, Pride and Prejudice
Schauspieler: Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Reese Whitherspoon, the Grey's Gang (especially Sandra Oh)
Bücher: A long way down - Nick Hornby
LotR - JRR Tolkien
Twilight; New Moon; Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

Autoren: Nick Hornby, JRR Tolkien, Stephenie Meyer, Jane Austen
Sportarten: Aikido (if that counts)
Sportler: I don't know any.
Hobbies: Writing! Singing! Acting in Musicals! Studying medical stuff!
Orte: Too many to ever go to.

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